Teen Bags Cheerleading Coach And Math Teacher Before Turning 14, Love Triangle Busted



First off we should say that BC does not condone teacher-student relationships.

To Catch A Predator is on our DVR schedule so we know all about what happens to such criminals.

On the other hand, damn, we want to high-five the Utah 13-year-old who was able to bag a junior high math teacher and a cheerleading coach while managing to live a life.

It’s hard enough for a 30-year-old guy to juggle a relationship and a job. At 13, we were more intersted in scoring a 1987 Will Clark Donruss rookie card and then his hip gave out and it destroyed our hopes of escaping the economic struggles of the late 80s.

Police say the 13-year-old began discussing personal problems with both teachers and that led to “text messages, including ones involving sexual matters, then phone sex and the alleged sexual assaults.”

The combatants:

Linda Nef (46, top) is the cheerleading coach.

Valynne Bowers (39) is a math teacher.


It seemed like a good idea and then you figure out there are better.

Phone sex?

Again, referencing our own lives, at 13, we were still trying to figure out call waiting. Getting a woman off was the job of the guy on Cinemax at 1 a.m.

So where did this sex happen?

The teachers allegedly went with the student to homes, parking lots or parks.

Again, keep in mind that the teachers didn’t know each other were doing the same student. This takes coordination from junior.

Ultimately, Bowers went to police to confess – and turn in Nef.

Personally, looking back, if this was us and we were in this situation and not trading Griffey Jr. rookies, keeping the Nef piece would have been the play. In this case it appears the teen was trading up. Bowers for Nef. And it ended up being a Jerome Walton rookie for Griffey Jr. rookie type trade.

One side gets screwed while the other is happy with the way things turned out.

And the when one teacher finds out about the other, it’s on.

Thankfully this love triangle has been cracked and the student can get back to living a normal life of studies and after-school Wii marathons.

[Deseret News]

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