Saying "Go Ahead And Punch Me" In A Bar Not Always The Best Move


Date Posted: Feb. 28, 2009

Premise Of Video: Two guys face off in a stare down while the last call goes out from the barmaid. It’s your typical 20-something scene.

“I don’t care. Hit me.”

“What’s your problem, man?”

“Go ahead and hit me.”

“I nailed your girlfriend.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Climax Of Video: Thankfully we have a friend who’s running video on this one. Start watching at the 2:30 mark, when the action really picks up. That is one awesome right to the left side of dudes face. Then it is on.

Conclusion: Be careful what you ask for in a drunken face-off. That’s going to leave a massive mark on your face, buddy.

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