Bronson Arroyo Boat Parties Include Bikinis, Booze & Shirtless Pedro Martinez

Update: The Cincinnati Enquirer had a story late last week about Arroyo living aboard this boat during Spring Training. The boat’s name? Nasty Hook, in case you wondered.

Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich has multiple ties to the Miami party scene so it doesn’t surprise us that he scooped up these images from a Bronson Arroyo boat party, complete with Pedro Martinez sporting the red cup.

The shocking part for us was that Pedro Martinez doesn’t have man cans.

So here’s the deal with the Arroyo Miami Regattta boat party: the pitcher gets some beer, gases up the boat, throws on some tunes and the ladies go to the bow, for picture time.

This party was so famous that it ended up being reported on message boards where there were some pretty explicit claims.

All spelling courtesy of poster:

Me and my friend were on his boat in Miami for Ragatta over the weekend. Bronson and his friends were all there on the boat everybody was drinking and tubeing. I know my friend ended up hooking up with Bronson a couple times and said he sucked another girl was saying she did to. He calls my friend all the time now. He had some of his guy friends on the boat and one of them was the guy Tony somebody mentioned here all the guys were there witout there gf’s. AND  everbody was hooking up in the boat bathroom. If Bronson does have a gf or fiancay it didnt stop him  somebody said hes like 35 him and his freinds acted like they were in highscool.

Translate at your own pace. We’re pretty much stuck on the sucking part. Also, why do people cram into a boat bathroom when there’s at least one bedroom on that yacht?

Anyway, there are more photos of this fine event. Maybe you can spot another MLBer in there somewhere. We’re not good with names.

Fire away.

Arroyo diving action shot!

Other Hot Chicks We Wish Were On That Boat:

21-Year-Old Maria Venus

Dominique Piek

Anastassia Leigh And Her Handcuffs

Nightcapper: Anna Kournikova. Leather. Miniskirt. For A Cause.
Nightcapper: Anna Kournikova. Leather. Miniskirt. For A Cause.
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