Nightcapper: Anna Kournikova. Leather. Miniskirt. For A Cause.


We get the sense that Anna Kournikova is about to make a grand reappearance to sports, fashion, TV. Something.

She’s be ultra-busy lately showing off the body. Last week photos dropped of her posing for K-Swiss.

These are the latest images, snapped last night at the Destination Fashion 2009 show in Bal Harbour, Florida. It was one of those events where people who’ve lost their ass in the stock market crash get together and pretend it’s 2006. They raise some funds and go home to mansions and complain about how the bums are overrunning Fort Lauderdale.

Luckily for us Anna fans, she lost that Iglesias moron for the night.

All is good in the world except those bums.

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