Fat, Sweaty Tub Of Lard Sidney Ponson Beats The Mighty Dominican Republic


What were the odds that a free agent pitcher with three chins, a fat tire belly and a bad attitude could beat the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic?

Not good.

But that is exactly what Sir Sidney Ponson did yesterday.

It’s unclear when 4 innings pitched was enough to get the win but Ponson managed to labor through, only giving up 2 runs.

Bigger question: Could Busted Coverage find women desperate enough to be pictured with a MLB pitcher who has only notched 14 victories over the last 3 seasons?


Yes we can.

They might not be the hottest ladies, but what do you expect Ponson to pull with that body and a background of punching judges?

Congrats, Sids, on the victory. Maybe the Nationals are in the market.

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