Joba Chamberlain’s Former Rockstar Energy Drink Bedmate Is Tough Cookie, Emailer Reports


We get all sorts of insider tips sent to Busted Coverage‘s email.

Not much gets any better than this claim by a guy who knows the Joba Chamberlain Rockstar energy drink model who became famous a couple weeks ago for her bedroom photo with the Yankees starter.

A bunch of my friends know her. She says shes not dating Joba anymore, but they are good friends and seh (SIC) still hangs out with him.  She liked Joba before he started to blow up and then she said he changed and she didnt liek (SIC) how things were starting to go to his head. I know she does know alot of famous people and athletes, I think through her work she meets alot of these people.
Cool girl…met her once.  One of my housemates tries to date her, but always gets shot down. Tough little cookie!

Tell ya this…she’s even hotter in person!

She didn’t like how things were going to his head?

We’re perplexed by this one. We figured women with big boobs, golden hair and tanned who work for Rockstar are seeking guys like this. Maybe there is one here and there with morals.


But this is a future multi-millionaire we’re talking about (currently making $390,000). If blondie sticks with him for another 2 years, it is payday.

Big time.

The key part of the insider’s information is that Jaime and Joba are still good friends.

Listen ladies, a huge tip from Busted Coverage: When dealing with MLB stars, always keep an iron in the fire until they secure that first million-dollar contract. Then it’s on.

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