Daily Dump: Miss Universe On Vacation, Korea’s Version Of Man-Ram, UFC The New NASCAR?, No More A-Fraud Jerseys And The French President Tags This


There she goes….Miss Universe….

We’re feeling better about college basketball starting today.

March friggin’ Madness is upon us. Did we mention that at the end of the month we’ll be attending the Final Four in Detroit? That’s right, we want to support Detroit’s crumbling economy.

You have a couple conference championships today followed by more tomorrow.

It’s raining at BC HQ so there will be a little food, too much basketball and we’ll finish off the evening with UFC. Sounds like a solid Saturday in sports.


While the competitors take the weekend off, we soldier on.


Today’s Dump:

Seriously, best post of the day – Miss Universe on vacation [CelebSlam]

Detroit can be very proud of something, like Jessie [Uncoached]

And….Detroit making an ass out of itself [World of Isaac]

JESUS! Korea has its very own Man-Ram [Bugs and Cranks]

We’d really miss this asshole if a team doesn’t sign T.O. [TotalProSports]

UFC the new NASCAR? Looks that way [CageWriter]

Frank Mir will have to wait to submit Lesnar again – INJURY! [CagePotato]

MLB.com will no longer allow you to buy A-Fraud jerseys [Darren Rovell]

Claudia looking pretty damn good for some Euro mag [on205th]

At 22, this model better get working – that body won’t be smokin’ forever [Coed]

The French president is tagging this [UseMyComputer]

Sabrina has a little Native American in her [Flisted]

College courses to help you survive the recession [Holy Taco]

Rhianna (post beat-up) [Drunken Stepfather]

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