The Afternoon Dump: Kobe Bryant Playing Soccer, Saints Cut Engaged Player, Shuttlecock Destroys Watermelon, Most Creative Name For Sports & Lucy Pinder Likes Kids


Kristin on the beach.

Can’t really talk today, have a lot I have to do for tonight. So here is a FML:

Today, I was teasing my little brother. Later that night, I went to the bathroom to wash up. While Im brushing my teeth, my little brother slips a photo under the door that shows him scrubbing my toothbrush against his nuts. FML

Afternoon Dump

Kobe Bryant is switching to soccer [Youtube]

No more negative cheering in Wisconsin [Deadspin]

Saint’s cut Karney the day before his wedding [Fox Sports]

Lebron’s rejects are your first choice [Sports Crackle Pop]

Shuttlecocks can break open watermelons [Coed]

Two reasons why Tony Parker is married to Eva Longoria [Epic Carnival]

10 reasons why tailgating is better than VIP bottle service [Tailgating Times]

The most creative name in sports history [Next Round]

It is a weird idea to go to the grocery store when drunk [Holy Taco]

Lucy Pinder knows what kids like [on 205th]

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