Daily Dump: Anna Kournikova For K-Swiss, Tom Brady Slumming It At Best Buy, Celtics 7-Year-Old Phenom, Stripper Pole Age Limits, Alabama Chick In Handcuffs And Tribute To Pigtails



It’s been a big week for bananas. Here is Dominique enjoying a snack.

A little light on the sports links.

Don’t even start. More server issues last night left us scrambling instead of compiling links for you lazy asses. We try to go to the bar and have an enjoyable evening of throwing down some beers and return to the office to find the operation not working.

Sorry about that.

We’ll make it up with a bottom heavy Dump full of hot women. Enjoy and have a safe weekend.

Links for the Weekend! We need 10 links out of you guys and expect them in our email tomorrow morning.


Today’s Dump:

Anna Kournikova for K-Swiss [Banned in Hollywood]

Over/Unders On Terrell Owens…crying….porn appearances…[World of Isaac]

Tom Brady slumming it at Best Buy with common folk [Total Pro Sports]

The Celtics have a new phenom – he’s 7 and can bust a move [Ball Don’t Lie]

Alabama football program gave away books, for FREE! Never! [Bootlegger]

Padres still rubbing ’84 in face of Cubs [Home Run Derby]

We didnt’ even know Lebanon had skiers and ones that do coke [SportsRubbish]

Greg Paulus in “I Kissed A Boy” [Brahsome]

Gay disco enrages women, she calls 911 [Blog of Hilarity]

5 TV characters you should want to be friends with [Cuzoogle]

Old cell phones were great if you wanted to lift weights and talk [Tasty Booze]

Stripper poles should come with an age limit [NextRound]

Today’s Tail:

Carla is the other chick in Watchmen [Gunaxin]

Bianca not exactly taking that Guinness very well [Uncoached]

Alabama and handcuffs look pretty fun [SaltyMilk]

A Tribute To Girls In Pigtails [Holy Taco]

Jessica dabbles in real estate and lingerie [Coed]

We’ve seen this one before – oh well – Hottest Celebrity Cheerleaders [Manofest]

Ana gives us hope that Portugal is as fun as she looks [on205th]

Anna Kournikova playing with balls [Don Chavez]

Paris Hilton getting tongue lashed by her boyfriend [CelebSlam]

Malin Ackerman trying to get out of a car is worth your time [UseMyComputer]

Janelle has “crazy Mexican in bed” written across her chest [Flisted]

Yes, America, Canada does have hot women [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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