The Afternoon Dump: A-Rod Out for 10 Weeks, ESPN New Magazine Cover, Missle To Rocket, Condom Bandits, Don’t Insert In Penis, A Hot 24 Year Old, Beautiful Women In The World


Girl wearing boots with a skirt.

Today’s outfit that doesn’t make sense is boots with skirts. Particularly Uggs. I think it looks dumb, skirts go good with sandals not with boots.

Maybe T.O. will go to Seattle, then the Seahawks would have to good receivers. I am thinking T.O. will go to the Vikings because the Vikings are probably getting desperate. Actually the NFL should make an expansion team in Montana, then T.O. can go there.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A-Rod could miss 10 weeks with hip surgery [NY Daily News]

Troy Aikman Top 10 sports writers [Dallas Basketball]

Tom Brady appears on Entourage [FirstCuts]

The top 10 teams for T.O. [Five Tool Tool]

A sweet looking ESPN cover [The Sporting Blog]

A-Rod might be dating a TV star [Sports Crackle Pop]

Wow, this video is hilarious “I Kissed A Boy” [Brahsome]

People on this airline are getting charged to use the restroom [Late for Mass]

A easy way to make a missle from a model rocket [Tasty Booze]

Chris Brown in court today [Celebslam]

Condoms are being stolen like crazy in the world [Next Round]

The most important thing is to not stick it into your penis [Epic Carnival]

A twenty-four-year-old hot brunnete, Jessica [Coed]

There never seems to be enough hot women in the globe [uncoached]

Laura is back in her bikini [on 205th]

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