Spanning The Globe To Look At Cheerleaders: Kalise Gran Canaria Ladies



For some reason we’re pretty bored by the NBA and it’s dancers.

It probably had to do with daily observations of their legs and routines back in November. That has left us with little else to do but go global to see what else is out there.

Earlier this week BC visited with the Khimki Dancers who wear some extremely nice uniforms, unlike anything we ever see in the U.S.

Today we venture into the Canary Islands for the Kalise dancers. West African island nation basketball is outside of our knowledge base so it’s unclear if Kalise is a brand name or city. Euro basketball is strange so your guess is as good as ours.


Kalise Gran Canaria plays in the ULEB Cup, which is some Euro league where marginal U.S. players end up after careers at UTEP end.

And there are dancers waiting on them.

Remember James Augustine from Illinois? He’s there.

But it’s the ladies we care about. And like a good Euro club they wear some killer boots and boy shorts. And body jewelry.

And perform sadistic ritual dances BC is down with.

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