LPGA Evening Wear Showdown: Natalie Gulbis Vs. Paula Creamer At HSBC Gala



The combatants enter the 2009 HSBC golf tournament runway arena.

It seems that the reign of Natalie Gulbis as the ‘hot one’ on the LPGA tour could face some serious competition this season from Paula Creamer.

If the opening party before this week’s HSBC Women’s Champions tournament is indication of things to come, Creamer could have a banner year on the course and in endorsements for products other than insulation.

Known as the cute but a little chubby golfer, Creamer got into a gown for the HSBC gala and walked a runway – as did Gulbis.

And the showdown was on.


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Major props to the ladies for dress choice.

Creamer, who turns 23 this August, went even more form-fitting than the usually provocative Gulbis. This could be a sign of things to come as Creamer transforms into a sex symbol for a struggling LPGA.

Gulbis, on the other hand, you’ve seen. In your dreams. In FHM. On your buddies dorm wall. Etc.

She’s turned 26 in January which, like a fantasy baseball player turning 27, is usually a time when the wheels start coming off. The dresses become a little ‘old fashioned,’ dare we say a little Susan Lucci-ish. There’s always some young woman looking to steal your thunder.

The great tanned legs are still there but the face starts to show signs of age (seriously).

The conclusion here is that even with Creamer taking the evening wear competition, Gulbis holds the trump card which is the swimsuit.

Creamer is making strides but must make a drastic jump into a men’s magazine to fully trump Gulbis’ stranglehold on men’s imaginations.

2010 SI swimsuit issue, anyone?


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