Daily Dump: One Leg Long Jump, Gay Yankees’ Fans CD Release Happiness, 6-Fingered Baseball Prospect, Girlfriend Application, All-Time Hottest Superhero Babes And Poor Man’s Megan Fox



Gisele on her way to get Tom some tissues after learning Vrabel is gone.

Just what ESPN needed – T.O. getting released.

That will now be a subject all the way through draft day. First Take will go crazy. Mike and Mike will get things started in the morning while talking with Chris Mortensen. Skip will tackle the issues mid-morning. Around the Horn will go at it late afternoon. On and on and on.

Meanwhile, your house isn’t worth shit. Your job is going to China and the wife/girlfriend is starting to think the neighbor with a secure job is pretty hot.

Face it, the next 6 months are really going to suck.



Today’s Dump:

Ever see the long jump done by athlete with one leg? Now you have [Don Chavez]

George Bell still wears his hat way up on his head like the old days [Big League Stew]

We pity the fake Keith Jardine Facebook imposter who Mr. Mean would like to meet [CageWriter]

Something to buy the gay Yankees fan in your life: Bernie Williams’ new CD [YankeesRumors]

So what was going through Ed Werder’s head when he heard T.O. news? [Tirico Suave]

Which team will T.O. ruin next? C’mon Raiders you know you want him [Rumors and Rants]

MLB Scouts have eyes on 6-fingered baby, the anti-Jim Abbott [TotalProSports]

I Love You Manu [Cuzoogle]

10 Movies Where Giant Animals Are Killing People [Unreality Mag]

Counterfeiting bills for Girl Scout cookies is pretty much bullshit [Blog of Hilarity]

Spring Break for those having asses handed to them by recession [College Candy]

15 Great Classifieds That Shouldn’t Have Been Printed [Uncoached]

An application all potential girlfriends should have to fill out [Holy Taco]

This bear is way more acrobatic than you or I [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

This should waste your company’s time [Coed]

The 10 All-Time Hottest Superhero Babes [Manofest]

Miss World registration day gives us an early look at the goods [Bastardly]

The recession is killing Paris Hilton’s finances [CelebSlam]

She might not have hair but does have huge boobs [Flisted]

Odette is a poor man’s Megan Fox [The Daily Fix]

Yes, we’d sleep with Marta if she really wanted to [DoubleViking]

Getting Sandra naked would take some work [on205th]

A hot black chick for all of our black readers [Celebridiot]

Nothing more than a smoking chick laying out in the sun [Observation Bubble]

Natalie a younger Jenna Jameson? [Horny Oyster]

WAG material for all you Swedish Busted Coverage readers [Gunaxin]

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