The Afternoon Dump: Kurt Stays With Cardinals, Amazing Dunk, Amir Gets Messed With, Weird BBC News Headlines, Barack Obama Paintings, Hot Italian Actress


Leggings under a skirt.

Today’s outfit that I don’t understand is leggings  under a  skirt. All guys like skirts so why throw it off with wearing leggings? Leggings alone are fine, skirts alone are fine, but both together just don’t work.

IU almost beat Michigan State last night, that would have been awesome.

I think Purdue is starting to do something similar to UofI [Link]

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Kurt is going to stay with Cards [Hey Kobe]

A different view: teams playing their way out of the tourney [Examiner]

Wow, this dunk is amazing [Bettor Fan]

Amir messes with Skeeter, Skeeter will eventually mess with Amir [College Humor]

Grown Mascot fights little kids [Sports Crackle Pop]

Rutgers loses money for winning bowl game [Coed]

BBC news has some interesting titles [Holy Taco]

Who is hotter? [Tasty Booze]

Bad paintings of Barack Obama [Brahsome]

Penelope likes to be in her bikini [Celebslam]

Cecilia is one smoking Italian actress [uncoached]

Kellie Maines likes WD-40 [Next Round]

BetUs picked a good Ms. March [on 205th]

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