Suckers! Maurice Clarett Doesn’t Write Own Blog – That’s What Ghost Writers Are For, Idiots



To all those who fell for the Maurice Clarett writes a blog story – smack yourself upside the head.

Why do you fall for such stupidity?

We’re talking about a moron who’s been a street thug since high school and who greased plenty of brains along his path to prison (re-read Tom Friend’s 2004 ESPN story).

And some people will go to extremes when a parole board will be looking at his life and times in jail.


You think Mo really discusses life and Plato’s writings over a prison phone?

They’ll even resort to ghost writers to concoct some ridiculous blog that says Mo is rebounding in life.

Ghost writer, huh? Thanks for the “backhanded compliment.” It is ALL Maurice Clarett, one letter at a time, one word at a time, one sentence at a time. One conscious thought and one inspirational quote at a time. I study from the best. I only inquire about the greats that overcame great obstacles.

Yep. Ghost writer.

Clarett doesn’t even have computer access. According to the Columbus Dispatch, he phones in his blog entries to family members who then type them onto the blog.

Right, and Megan Fox is interested in a overweight blogger who fancies Thursday night outings to Buffalo Wild Wings.

We called the Toledo Correctional Institution and chatted – very briefly – with a gentleman who didn’t seem very happy to be taking Clarett questions.

BC: “Do inmates have computer access?”

TCI: “No.”

BC: “What about phone calls?”

TCI: “Inmates can make collect calls.”

BC: “And inmates can take college coures?”

TCI: “Yep.”

That’s it. (Do inmates use phone cards? BC has never been in the clink so someone with experience can enlighten us on that one.)

These workers don’t have time to deal with such stupidity. Our guess is that this blog ‘thing’ will cause Clarett more problems than it’s worth.

From yesterday’s Mo Ghost Writer posting, this already seems to be an issue:

I just recently had a member of prison administration question me about the authenticity of my blog. They also came to verify that I am in school. In the midst of all that, I also detected that the person was phishing to see if I was going to talk about the prison in any way.

There won’t be book deals. Maybe a few church speaking engagements between Detroit and Youngstown.

But little else.

Soon we’ll all go back to our lives and Clarett and Co. will try to figure out another way to grease the system.

Use your brain, people. This idiot has been greasing you way too long.

[Bob Hunter: Columbus Dispatch]

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