Brett Favre's Truck Sells For $35k On eBay


It only took 3 bids to seal a victory in the “Own Brett Favre’s Truck Sweepstakes,” on eBay.

And $35,300 + dealer fees, of course.

This is what the buyer gets:

This truck is owned by Brett Favre. He will sign the dashboard upon the request of the buyer. This truck is well equipped with an Alpine Stereo (see photos), Fab-tech Lift Kit, Modified Intake System (see photos), SuperChips Programmer, MKW Wheels, Bed Cover, and upgraded Fender Flares. That adds up to about $10,000 dollars in add-on options.

Sign the dashboard? Won’t this fade.

How about autographing the guy’s shoulders and then having them tatted. That seems more appropriate. Left arm: Brett Favre. Right Arm: #3 4.

Then, every time the redneck is driving this around Green Bay while wearing his sleeveless Packers’ shirt, he can show off the badass truck and his guns that were touched by Brett Favre.