The Khimki Dancers Are Russia’s Version Of The Laker Girls



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Lately we’ve had BC investigators skimming the globe looking for interesting sports stories and cheerleaders/dancers.

Today we stop in the Moscow Region of Russia where the Khimki Dancers hold court during basketball games and volleyball, mini-football, and beach-football games, according to their Web site.

Mini-football? Is that some sort of strange midget league in Russia? Someone more up on Russian sports can let us know on that one.

Anyway, after discovering photos of the Khimki Dancers, it’s clear that these ladies have something in common with the Laker Girls.

Men want them. Badly.

And who can argue with these performance outfits they are famous for.


The ladies explain their popularity.

“A complete circle forms, and envelopes the whole stadium,” say the girls. “We dance, and ignite the spectators; they get actively enthusiastic, and cheer on the team. The players, in turn, are energized by this spirit from the bleachers, and their super plays gets us more fired up. We feel a double boost when, during difficult games, we can cheer on the crowd, making them jump out of their seats. And when the team is winning on the court, our spirit really sings out in a big way.”

And we thought the Laker Girls had an effect on men.

How can you blame a Russian male for being excited when these chicks take the court. All their other hot women always end up either in golf or tennis in the U.S.

Most of what’s left are 4-11 gymnasts with bad teeth.

If I was a miner in the Moscow Region and somehow scrounged enough money together for a Khimki basketball game, this would be heaven. The ladies go through several uniform changes per game and even shake it to such American luminaries such as Rhianna.

We love these ladies and must figure out a way to get them imported to make a Milwaukee Bucks – OKC basketball game more interesting.

Going to the Eastern Bloc in the next year or so? You’ll have to see this move from the Khimki Dancers (1:00 mark).

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