The Afternoon Dump: Houshmandzadeh On Seahawks, Cassel Goes To His Favorite Team, Cricket Doesn’t Make Sense, A Animal Hate Crime, Cops For McNuggets, Watchmen and Futurama


Girl’s and their belts?

Today’s outfit that makes no sense to me is girls wearing belts on top of shirts or dresses. I actually asked a girl about this the other night and she said “it makes you look skinnier, your wearing a belt on a bigger shirt so it gives you the appearance.” This girl was tiny to begin with so I don’t know why she thought she needed it.

House was not on last night, dumb.

One NCAAB game on last night so that means nothing really happened in sports.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Seahawks just signed T.J. Houshmandzadeh to 5 year contract [Fox Sports]

Steeler’s QB celebrates 27th birthday [Sports Crackle Pop]

Cassel is going to the team that took Brady out for the season, irony [The Sporting Blog]

Can someone explain this game to me? [CricHotLine]

Check out #20 on this NBA Power Ranking’s Post [MVN]

When their is a MLB strike then this is the sport to go to [Josh Q. Public]

Some people in school are just idiots [Coed]

Lohan wants to switch religions because of her girlfriend [Celebslam]

Don’t use a cat for this [Brahsome]

Call the cops because there are no more McNuggets [Next Round]

Watchmen meets Futurama [on 205th]

How do you say this hotties name; Ji Hye? [uncoached]


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