Bar Worker Alleges Pukings, Vag Signings The Night Jeff Reed Kicked Towel Dispenser Ass

The reverberations from Jeff Reed’s visit to Ebensburg, Pa. are still being felt and of course we are giving locals a place to vent their frustrations.

One insider, when prodded for further information from The Night Jeff Reed Kicked A Towel Dispenser’s Ass, gave us a ten-point report on what happened inside the Castle Pub, including sex allegations and special autograph requests.

The informant works at the Castle so she had a front-row viewpoint of Reed in action.

All of ‘Tips’ greatness after the jump.

Tips barely awake with DJ Tommy Gunnz at the Castle.

The allegations from the Castle Pub informant:

1.  He was supposed to be there at 8 and didn’t arrive until 10:30.  (Beforehand he was supposedly in Indiana, PA).  People were lined up at the Castle to meet him since 4:30 that afternoon, so they were getting restless!

2.  He arrived drunk and had no clue what bar he was at.

3.  The Castle paid about $2000 for his appearance there.

4.  He refused autographs and pictures unless the person asking for the autograph was a ‘hot chick’.

5.  He puked at least 3 times, and at least one time was on the stage.

6.  I heard that he had sex in the bathroom.  I didn’t witness this, but my mom (who is kitchen manager) heard that this happened.

7.  He and his friends left with about 6 chicks from our area, who witnessed his macho act at the New Alexandria Sheetz.  One ‘victim’ wrote on her myspace page “It was the best night of my life!”  Apparently her life is pretty lame.  And she didn’t come back home until Sunday (his appearance was on a Friday).

8.  He didn’t bring any other famous Steelers with him… guy that he brought was his dad, one was a chiropractor for the Steelers and no one seemed to know who the other 2-3 guys were with him…

9.  If a girl pulled down her shirt just a tad and asked him to sign his autograph there, he’d pull down the shirt the whole way and suck on her tit!  ( no joke!)  he also pulled down pants to sign vaginas (lmfao).

10.  He seriously was a douche.  Fortunately I didn’t have to pay the $8 cover since I work there.

Jeff Reed can get $2,000 for an appearance just to party in Central Pennsylvania? People wait outside a bar at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon to meet this guy? [email protected] recession.

That right there is huge news that pretty much trumps the tit and vag things even though those are some serious allegations. Putting a Sharpie to the landing strip is possibly TMZ worthy.

Kudos to Tips for going the extra mile to make the ‘hot chicks’ happy.

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