The Hottest Girls Of The ACC Companion Post With More Of Clemson’s Paige


BC would be disrespecting our readership if we didn’t give you more of The Hottest Girls Of The ACC headliner, Paige.

We’re not publishing a last name because of safety concerns due to some of the freaks who frequent this site.

Anyone know if prisoners can access this site?

Anyway, Paige struck us from the first moment we layed eyes on her digital image on our email. BC Special Assignment Reporter Art McGregor sent over an email wondering if she was hot enough for this site.

She’d be fine if there were limbs missing.


Art sent word that this actual Clemson student turns 22 on Tuesday so you can expect a follow-up with the birthday photos.

If Jenn Sterger WAS FSU, Paige IS Clemson. Why haven’t we seen this chick prowling the Carolina Panthers‘ sidelines?

As Mr. McGregor said, why can’t I ever meet women like this?

Dabbling with a chick who poses with deer mounts is actually on our bucket list.

We’ll shut up now and get to the photos.