The Afternoon Dump: Derek Jeter Likes Younger Women, Football Free Agency, Kobe’s #8 Jersey, Walt Whitman Ruins The World, German Women Can Be Hot, Eva Longoria In A Bikini


I am in love with this Columbian woman.

It’s weird that there are never top 25 game on Fridays.

B.M.O.C. is tonight. If you don’t know what B.M.O.C is then shame on you. It stand for Big Man On Campus, all the fraternities compete in a series of competition in order to see who is the best candidate. The reason why B.M.O.C. is so big here is because it is about breast cancer. All proceeds go to breast cancer research. Should be fun.

J Koot was right about Tiger, 5 days for ESPN to thrive on.

A whole lot of people are switching teams today.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Derek Jeter is dating a 22 year old, age doesn’t matter [Sports Crackle Pop]

The Seahawks are trying to get T.J. Houshmandzadeh [Seahawks Gab]

Tight End Winslow is now a Buc [ESPN]

Ravens might lose all of their linebackers [Adam Schefter NFL]

Should Kobe’s jersey be retired right now? [The Hoop Doctor]

Mike Tyson might come for you too [Splog!]

Some interesting facts about the oldest college player [Coed]

A natural reaction when getting caught looking at a thong (Could be NSFW) [Phil Knows Best]

Walt Whitman ruins everything for all of us [Holy Taco]

Jessica Simpson is getting help for her weight [Epic Carnival]

German women can be incredibly hot [0n 205th]

I wonder what her tattoo means [Next Round]

Is this girl hot? (Could be NSFW) [Don Chavez]

Eva Longoria in a bikini [Celebslam]

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