Signing Breasts Part Of Jeff Reed's Life Since Winning The Super Bowl



The Jeff Reed Greatest Hits just keep on coming.

Yesterday he was accused of not satisfying some chicks at his recent bar appearance.

Today our investigators find recent photos taken in some random office where Tips is holding court with a few groupies. From the look of things this is some sort of celebration like many others that Reed has been part of since returning from Tampa.

Women are there. A few dudes wanting to hang with the legend. It’s a normal Tips party scene.

The news here is that we get to see how Reed’s world has changed since winning Super Bowl ring #2.

His autograph is now in demand – on breasts.


Look closely at the top photo and you’ll see Tips getting his head right down near that Sharpie workmanship.

Doesn’t this guy have a girlfriend?

Maybe things have changed over the last two weeks, but he did as of Valentine’s Day.

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