Daily Dump: I’m In A Snuggie, Gambling On MLB Steroids, Top 10 PGA WAGs, Shots To The Family Jewels, Life And Times Of Sex Cannon, Diary Of Sperm And The Hot Watchmen Chick



The hottest DJ booth model you’ll see all day. Rita.

So Tiger lost.

That should give ESPN about 5 days worth of material.

“Is he ready to be back?”

“Can Tiger be the old Tiger?”

“What’s wrong with Tiger?”

“Have children made Tiger less capable of winning tournaments?”

“Will Tiger ever win again?”

Yeah, cue Skip Bayless to rant endlessly about this for at least 5-8 First and Tens.


Awesome job, fellas. We’re getting dozens of links each morning for the Daily Dump. If you didn’t get into this one, hit up the intern for the afternoon.


Today’s Dump:

The Snuggie now has it’s own music video [YepYep]

D-Rays fan is a little gangsta’ [Big League Stew]

Gambling on steroids in baseball seems like fun for all [Five Tool Tool]

You knew this was coming: Top 10 PGA Tour WAGs [Manofest]

10 sports videos famous for shots to the family jewels [Uncoached]

Top 10 All-Time Sneakers – Reebok Pump #10 [Gunaxin]

Andre Smith vs. the Giant Stingray [Rumors and Rants]

The life and times of the Sex Cannon in Chicago [InGameNow]

This is what a female bodybuilder can do to an orange [TotalProSports]

That’ll teach fat boy that shoplifting isn’t for his type [Blog of Hilarity]

Why you are fat: bacon mayo [The Bachelor Guy]

The story sweeping the nation: nurses take photo of sex toy stuck in rectum [Don Chavez]

Diary of Sperm [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

The chick you’ll be lusting after this weekend at the box office – Malin [Cuzoogle]

44 Porn Stars Who Twitter [Coed]

Yep, two hot chicks that won’t be talking to you this weekend [on205th]

Nuts U.K. brings it – Jennifer Ellison continues to look sexy [Funtasticus]

Christ! K Fed balloons up and has new girlfriend [CelebSlam]

Gisele gets shredded for some Spanish mag [The Daily Fix]

Get your fix of a Japanese model with huge boobs – look real to us [Flisted]

So that’s what happens when Japanese blood is mixed with Brazilian [Salty Milk]

Aubrey O’Day wants your attention and to buy her Playboy [Dirty Rotten]

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