Women: Jeff Reed Didn’t Satisfy Us Night Of Paper Towel Dispenser Ass Kicking

Hmm, that bottom photo looks familiar. No credit to BC? Dicks.

Who says local TV isn’t on your side?

Take WJAC out of Central Pennsylvania. Johnstown-Altoona-State College to be exact.

Nearly two weeks after the Jeff Reed towel dispenser night and the Busted Coverage report that included photos of the night when Reed went nuts at the Sheetz, the station rounded up a couple of chicks to rip on ‘Tips.’

These two complainers got on TV to say that Reed should have been ‘nicer.’

“They were stumbling around. There was some slurred speech when Jeff got on the mic, so one would assume they were drinking before they came.”

And your point is? This is Jeff Reed.

Maybe these two missed the memo. He’s the Paris Hilton of Central Pennsylvania. Bars pay him to show up, get on stage, make stupid faces, pose for a few photos and do some shots.

What more can be expected of the guy? Signing breasts.

Reed was reportedly refusing to sign autographs and only dancing and taking shots with girls at the bar.

One of these chicks above got a football signed so that statement can be thrown out.

Taking shots with girls at the bar? The point here is….?

What we have here is a local TV station desperate to show the photos posted on Busted Coverage. We’d like to thank WJAC for localizing this story to serve as a PSA for any future Jeff Reed appearances.

The guy won’t satisfy every woman in the room.

Just the hot ones.
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