The Afternoon Dump: Boston Celtic Arrested, 50cent on ESPN, 800 Wins Is Nothing, Charles Barkley’s Golf Show, A Beer Pong Music Video, Odette Is Hot, Some Gorgeous Dancers

Celtic Arrested, 50cent ESPN, 800 Wins Nothing, Barkley’s Golf Show

Katie makes one of the best gaming consoles look better.

So I thought I would be a good person today and go give plasma. The lady told me during “vein check” exactly this: “apparently you don’t have any veins.” I thought it was a dumb statement.

Free agency starts at 12:01AM. Let’s see who gets released.

I was pulling for UConn to lose last night, that obviously didn’t happen. Also for Maryland to beat UNC. Only real upset was Virginia Tech over Clemson.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A Boston Celtic was arrested for D.U.I. this morning [TMZ]

Maryland’s student section is awesome [Mr. Irrelevant]

Curtis (AKA 50 cent) likes to be on ESPN [The Sports Culture]

Patriots suck, they resigned Alexander though [Patriots Blog]

UConn’s head coach won his 800th game last night [The Sporting Blog]

UFC octagon girls are true athletes [Sports Crackle Pop]

Charles Barkley has a new golf show [Epic Carnival]

I really hope “Watchmen” turns out to be a good movie [Coed]

I want to make a music video about beer pong [Tasty Booze]

This question should be on the SAT’s [Next Round]

Chris Brown is a little scared right now [Celebslam]

Odette needs some more attention from their fans [on 205th]

Which one of these dancers is hotter? [Double Viking]

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