The Afternoon Dump: Boston Celtic Arrested, 50cent on ESPN, 800 Wins Is Nothing, Charles Barkley’s Golf Show, A Beer Pong Music Video, Odette Is Hot, Some Gorgeous Dancers


Katie makes one of the best gaming consoles look better.

So I thought I would be a good person today and go give plasma. The lady told me during “vein check” exactly this: “apparently you don’t have any veins.” I thought it was a dumb statement.

Free agency starts at 12:01AM. Let’s see who gets released.

I was pulling for UConn to lose last night, that obviously didn’t happen. Also for Maryland to beat UNC. Only real upset was Virginia Tech over Clemson.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A Boston Celtic was arrested for D.U.I. this morning [TMZ]

Maryland’s student section is awesome [Mr. Irrelevant]

Curtis (AKA 50 cent) likes to be on ESPN [The Sports Culture]

Patriots suck, they resigned Alexander though [Patriots Blog]

UConn’s head coach won his 800th game last night [The Sporting Blog]

UFC octagon girls are true athletes [Sports Crackle Pop]

Charles Barkley has a new golf show [Epic Carnival]

I really hope “Watchmen” turns out to be a good movie [Coed]

I want to make a music video about beer pong [Tasty Booze]

This question should be on the SAT’s [Next Round]

Chris Brown is a little scared right now [Celebslam]

Odette needs some more attention from their fans [on 205th]

Which one of these dancers is hotter? [Double Viking]

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