Beer Muscles Lead To Rearranged Faces On Fat Tuesday

This one isn’t as good as yesterday’s bloodfest, but we can’t always score college fans going at it.

Here we have a couple of idiots trash talking and they get just a tad too close to the combatants.

From the vlogger:

fight i saw on fat tuesday(last day of mardi gras) guy just starts talking shit to the hot guys and they started fighting; we were on a balcony video taping the whole thing(: and just like 30 seconds before this we were throwing the hot ones beads cause the flashed there bodys(: lol

Trash talking hot guys? Seems like a logical time for a throwdown.

If we learned anything from Mardi Gras 2009 it would be to get drunk at home, visit New Orleans via YouTube and watch idiots get their faces beat in and arrested for good measure.

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