Florida Gator Fan Would Like Redo Fight With FSU Fan At Mardi Gras


Date Posted: Feb. 24, 2009

Premise Of Video: This Mardi Gras masterpiece starts with a couple of black guys hitting on the ladies and ends up with a full-fledged brawl between Florida and Florida State fan. The Seminole backers start in with a FSU chant and a couple of tomahawk chops when Gator douche walks into the group. He takes offense and goes for the push of big-ball bead wearing FSU guy.

Then it’s on.

We’re actually making you click through for this video because of the awesome images above taking up the usual video spot.

Climax Of Video: The action gets started at the 1:40 mark. You’ll see blue hooded sweatshirt Gator guy mingling and then pushing. The rest is captured in awesome quality (see the screen caps above).

Conclusion: We’re not impressed by Florida guys fighting technique. Next time have some friends with you and make sure not to start shit with an entire group of Seminoles.

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