Bia And Branca Feres Celebrate 21st Birthday, Bag Two-Show Deal With MTV



The Feres sisters take part over the weekend in Salvador’s Carnaval 2009.

It is now possible for Bia and Branca Feres to buy you a drink in an American bar.

That’s right, Sunday was the 21st birthday for Brazil’s most famous synchronized swimming twins. But that news was minor because you can suck down a cold one at 18 in Brazil.

The real news out of the Feres’ camp is that the twins run with MTV Brazil will continue with a new two-show deal. (Translation via Google so complain to them.)

They entered the station in December with the tips of summer. And, now, will run a program called Access to backstage and the Scrap that deal with sports and is scheduled to debut next Thursday.

Now if only we could get these shows over DirecTV.


BC also discovered that the twins haven’t given up on synchronized swimming even though their entertainment careers are taking off and Brazilian parties rage around them.

“We love the Carnival of Salvador, but we still train firm to achieve our dream which is part of an Olympics,” Bia said.

If you’re good with the Portugese tongue, here you go. The twins, over the weekend, chat up some Carnaval reporter.

“Oh, did Branca just say they have a thing for fat, out of shape bloggers who slob around all day?”

As for what you can expect from a Bia and Branca MTV show, here is a small example. Pay attention at the 2:00 mark where the clothes come off and the ladies take to the pool. Somewhere in this mess is comedy but it’s lost in translation.


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