The Afternoon Dump: Baseball Starting Later, Beckham Isn’t Happy, 14 Buzzer Beaters, New Online Multiplayer Smack Talk, Tiger Woods Is Back, Fish Should Be This Big


Munn is trying to bring it back.

This afternoon dump will have to be a little shorter than usual due to some random person in my dorm. So someone decided that it would be funny to pull a fire alarm multiple times in the middle of the day, it was not funny. I was studying for an exam at the time.

OSU lost, they deserved to lose too. Purdue would have beaten them if the free throws weren’t (about) 50/50 to 0/2. I like the older Griffin rather than the younger one.

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Afternoon Dump

Lazy people are ruining sports [Red Sox Blog]

Beckham claims he didn’t give consent for his new commercial [Sports Crackle Pop]

There was another reason on why Mark Ecko bought Bond’s ball [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Just wanted to reiterate for the thousandth time about the half court shot [Next Round]

14 more buzzer beaters that were better than the half court shot [Co-Ed]

Thee facts about the Atlanta Braves [Beyond The Box Score]

Some random toaster innovations [Yep Yep]

A new way to talk smack on online multiplayer games [Asylum]

We all know that Tiger is back [Tasty Booze]

The true size fish that should be caught [uncoached]

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