Rick’s Cabaret Offers Jason Giambi Strip Club Job After Baseball Retirement

The latest Giambi fashion statement – the vest.

It seems we were on the same email list with pretty much every other AAA-level sports blog for the “Jason Giambi Is Offered Strip Club Position,” message.

From our buddy Lonnie Hanover over at Rick’s Cabaret, who usually has something slick up his sleeve.

“He may think that he is only qualified to be a bouncer, but we think that he would make a good VIP host,” Hanover explained. “Rick’s is well known as the gentlemen’s club of choice for celebrities and sports stars, and Jason would often see a lot of his old teammates.”
“I prefer him as a customer, but he would probably be fun to have around here,” said Rick’s Girl Francine, a 5’9″ 34D-24-34 brunette beauty.

Listen, honey, it’s a down economy.

Don’t start getting picky about customers.

We figure with the way the Dow has been looking, Giambi doesn’t have the extra coin to throw around on strippers. Bottles of Jack come first and then maybe, if you’re lucky, he’ll make it rain $1 bills.

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