Joba Chamberlain Capable Of Pulling Hot Rockstar Energy Drink Model Types



Her words, not ours.

Remember the Super Bowl ring posed up against cleavage from over the weekend? That would be the above chick pictured with Joba Chamberlain the morning after.

Now, since BC doesn’t need trouble we won’t make any judgments as to what this was the morning after.

All we can do is provide sports fans and Joba groupies with photos of the Yankees’ starting pitcher and Jaime at dinner, horsing around with fellow Yankees and shots of this woman on a bed in her Rockstar Energy Drink costume.

Please keep in mind that these photos are not current. You know how guys are pigs and will keep photos of hot women they’ve been with over the years?

Women do the same with famous athletes.


Here is what we know about this Jaime chick:

She’s 24, parties with plenty of celebrity New York athletes and has been out with Joba a couple of times since he became famous. From our investigation it looks like she’s moved on and is no longer posing for missing-makeup shots.

This advertising model calls Joba the following nicknames:




and our favorite, Bubba-Boo

Here all along we pegged Joba as being some Nebraska ogre incapable of matching up with metropolitan women. You can throw that theory right out the window.

Money and fame do the talking. This guy out on the streets would have little shot with this caliber of woman if he was a bricklayer making $17 an hour.

Put a 98 m.p.h. fastball in that bricklayer’s hand and make him wear a Yankees jersey and you have dating material.





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