Daily Dump: Barkley Going To Jail, Hottest Women Of Food TV, Get Yourself A Texas QB, Ernie Banks To Wed, Midget Strippers At Fantasy Baseball Draft And Holly Valance Hoses Off


Gisele picks it over the weekend.

So yesterday was quite interesting. We tried our best to remedy a database error in the morning and got absolutely no help for about 18 hours from our host.

Hence the downtime.

It made for extra sleeping time and more porn searching so the day wasn’t totally lost.

We also made time to catch Entertainment Tonight just to see Mary Hart squeal. That’s a big BC after-Oscars tradition. And of course we like to see what’s hot in fashion.

Links! No rewrites, please. Some of you guys consider taking a newspaper reporter’s story and rewriting it a blog post. Give us something of substance.


Today’s Dump:

Straight to our hearts: Hottest Women on Food TV [Angry T]

The 15 Hottest Celebrity Cheerleaders [Uncoached]

Need a college QB….Texas…..Texas…..Texas….recruit….Texas [Wiz of Odds]

Chuck Barkley going to prison! Autograph signing time [TMZ]

Cool – Ernie Banks now capable of marrying people at Wrigley [The Big Picture]

10 Ways To Spice Up Fantasy Baseball Drafts – Midget Strippers! [Five Tool Tool]

Rays now hazing rookies by making them serve drinks? [Bootlegger]

The NCAA ’10 video game wishlist [CollegeGameBalls]

The black crotch question all men want answered [Holy Taco]

Ever seen a VHS toaster? [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

Holly Valance hoses off and you can watch [on205th]

It’s Fat Tuesday! Time for Mardi Gras chicks [Gunaxin]

The 10 All-Time Hottest Playboy Cyber Girls [Manofest]

22 and chesty = Nissa [Coed]

Remember when Jessica Alba used to hit the beach for us [CelebSlam]

10 Foreplay Kisses That’ll Make Her Nasty [Flisted]

The Giant Ass works it out with Reggie and Chanel bag [The Daily Fix]

Ms. Chriqui needs to let ’em breath [Dirty Rotten]

Andree went a little big, no? [Salty Milk]

Chick goes from selling vacuums to being porn star [Bachelor Guy]

Sophie Howard and boobs celebrate 26th [MoonDog]

We’re not into Watchmen unless they call it Watchwomen [Cuzoogle]

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