Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Now On-Court VIP, Posing With UT Cheerleaders

This would have been posted yesterday but the damn database issues squashed that idea.

Our buddy Tree was in Austin over the weekend, on the court for pre-game festivities and had his camera ready when UT’s newest celebrity made her appearance.

It’s only been about five months since Colt McCoy’s girlfriend Rachel Glandorf made her national TV debut and blogosphere rise to fame thanks to the guys at Coed. The last time the editors at BC caught up with her was at the Fiesta Bowl where cameras couldn’t miss her.

Now it’s impossible for her to walk onto a basketball court without someone wanting a photo.

We’ve spent the better half of an hour efforting to find the latest Baylor track results from Ms. Glandorf and can’t find a single time for this hurdler.

She’s not even listed on the Bears’ roster.

Maybe she’s already used up her eligibility and we missed the news.

In other news out of Austin, there is a new photo of Erin Andrews’ sister to analyze. She’s obviously the artsy one in the family. Not totally digging the red hair, but then again, we’re getting to the age where a pulse turns us on. It’s only been two months since Kendra entered our world.

Thanks to Tree for the inside look at stars created via the blogosphere.

[The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright]

Ms. Glandorf (right)

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