Super Bowl Rings Look Good Against Breasts

While doing our usual Saturday morning investigations we came across yet another chick posing a Super Bowl ring against cleavage.



Our find today is a chick who, let’s just say, knows several dozen NY athletes. Our heads are still spinning from the number of stars she’s been photographed with, including a Yankees starting pitcher whom we shall reveal on Monday.

In this pic Jaime is modeling a Giants 2008 SB ring and, honestly this is the hottest chick to show off a championship ring against her breasts, but the competition is stiff.

In 2008 our buddy Don Chavez was on the case of a New England Patriots SB ring that made a couple of appearances next to boobs.

It’s as if a SB ring hasn’t been broken in without being rubbed on a rack like a magic genie bottle.

Is this a way into a chick’s pants? If so, time to get a fake SB ring.

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Lunchtime Lust: Krisi Ballentine & Blue Bikini
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