Daily Dump: Kardashian Morons Get A Monkey, Amare Stoudemire Eye Chart, Biblical Tramp Stamp, Johnny Damon Can’t Pay Bills And World’s Greatest Pole Dancer

Kardashians Get Monkey, Stoudemire Eye Chart, Biblical Tramp Stamp

We’re buying the Irish part, not the 18-year-old story.

Who are these people going to NBA games in February?

Did they not take a look at the Dow yesterday and think, “Hmm, our 401k is beyond dead and the house is being foreclosed, let’s go see Kobe!”

Best deal in sports right now: bowling.

You get to play a sport that is cheap, you can drink, smoke, wear jeans, do shots and watch sports at the same time.

Today’s Dump:

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The Amare Stoudemire eye chart [Ball Don’t Lie]

The UFC has some fights tonight & everyone made weight! [CagePotato]

The week of tramp stamps ends with this Biblical one [Barstool]

Female bloggers analyze thoughts of Joe Crede [Those Twins Girls]

See, Johnny Damon like the rest of broke Americans, minus broke part [NY Post]

Economic downturn also killing Paris Hilton’s bank account [CelebSlam]

Celebrity rides not taking hit by down economy [Uncoached]

10 Celebrity Twitter’s Worth Following [Cracked]

The U.S. gov’t actually deported this chick back in the day – dicks. [on205th]

The World’s Greatest Pole Dancer [Holy Taco]

Mardi Gras Boobs For Beads Investigation [Coed]

Hottest Girl Group Battle Royale [Angry T]

Arika not lacking in the bikini department [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

What to wear next time having sex with gf/wife/mistress [Flisted]

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