Deep Inside Erin Andrews' Mouth Minus The Hoagie


This one goes down in the “Pretty Stupid, But BC Readers Crave This Garbage,” category.

You guys wake every single day and want Erin Andrews news, photos, naked photos, sex tapes, etc.

We know because there is this little thing called a stat counter that tracks what readers are searching for. Each time on Google you type in “Erin Andrews Sex Tape With David Wright” a blogger knows what you are up to.

Well, to keep this EA media machine churning, BC goes prowling each morning.

And the good folks of Madison, Wisconsin turned in this gem from last Saturday.


The first time EA’s mouth became famous was way back in Oct. 2007 courtesy of Deadspin. She was working the sidelines at the old Orange Bowl and was a bit hungry.

The rest is Internet legend.

In case you are tracking EA and wanted to pay a visit, she’ll be with the GameDay crew in Austin for tomorrow’s UT-OU battle.

Take the camera, snap off 150 or so photos and look us up.

Give the readers what they want and deserve.

DSC_8001 DSC_8098

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