Daily Dump: National Margarita Day Is Sunday, Mt. Rushmore Of Obnoxious ESPN Idiots, Russian Cheerleaders Are Decent, Nice Clemson Tat, KKK Softball Team, Mr. Bananas Thoughts And The Billabong Bikini Show


This is what 19 and Australian looks like these days.

We’re pretty sure the only thing we’ve remotely allowed our cousin to do that involves our body is to fetch another beer for consumption.

Never hired him or her to chemically enhance our blogging abilities, give us a cocktail of Sudafed and Red Bull or even a Xanax Tea.

You know it’s a slow day in sports when ESPN runs an entire SportsCenter feature on…franchise tagging an NFL player.

Damn near the entire list of players, too. Even to our horror, the Bengals who tagged the kicker.

After that we decided looking at porn and stupid YouTube videos would be better than thinking about how Cincy has treated us over the years.

Today’s Dump:

National Margarita Day Is This Sunday: Celebration Tips [The Bachelor Guy]

The Mt. Rushmore of Obnoxious ESPN Blowhards [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Nice huge Clemson tattoo, moron [InGameNow]

Russia mostly known for Anna, Maria and cheerleaders like these [Phun]

Back in the old days the KKK had very own softball team [NextRound]

So to recap the NBA trading deadline….nothing happened [Rumors and Rants]

Great, now we have George Steinbrenner with school named after him [Bugs&Cranks]

This sucks – women to compete in BassMasters Classic [Bootlegger]

$1,000,000 hockey stick auction ends with no bids [eBay]

If there were no underclassmen in NBA Draft…OSU would be stacked [YepYep]

Montreal Canadiens have ties to organized crime? [TotatlProSports]

While we’re on this subject: 20 Most Badass Fictional Movie Gangsters [Uncoached]

The latest gambling lines for Academy Awards are….[Cuzoogle]

Mr. Bananas the monkey gives thoughts on chimp attack [Holy Taco]

Cocaine used to soothe toothaches [Blog of Hilarity]

A Buddhist temple built from 1.5 million beer bottles [DJ Mick]

Today’s Tail:

YES! The Billabong Bikini Fashion Show [CelebSlam]

81 Hottest Academy Award Winner Cleavage Photos [Manofest]

Man, this chick from the Wonder Years sure has grown up [MoonDog]

Emmanuelle wearing white after Labor Day and before Easter [on205th]

Someone should take all swimsuits away from Pam Anderson [Don Chavez]

You’ll be mesmerized by this bouncing rack [Brahsome]

A flow chart to describe 90% of pornos [Flisted]

What Mickey Rourke would prefer over Courtney Love [The Daily Fix]

Borat’s chick showing serious leg at a premiere this week [UseMyComputer]

Japan on board with world’s largest orgy [AfroJacks]

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