This Braless Gisele Chick May Or May Not Be Engaged To Tom Brady Guy



While Gisele is busy horsing around at NY’s Fashion Week (seen below leaving the Bowery), her heartthrob NFL MVP boyfriend (finance?) (husband?) was busy yesterday showing kids how to work laptops.

And….of course the Boston media had to be jerks and ask about his marital status. Tom then went into Bill Belichick mode and gave them the run-around. Like he’s going to break such news in front of little kids.

That bombshell is usually reserved for the likes of Oprah and Barbara Walters, not some faux ‘reporter’ for the local Fox affiliate.

“Maybe, maybe not,” No. 12 said when asked if he and Gisele are betrothed. “All those reports are unfortunately not true. I’m in a great spot in my life. I have a lot of people that care about me that I love and I love being around. My girlfriend is certainly one of them.”

Yes, love being around her. Of course you do.

Follow-up, please.

“Now, what is not true? You are engaged and you just can’t confirm it here without your fiance?”

“Or that you are engaged and it’s not true that maybe it’s not true.”

Now we’re confused. Time for the reason Tom has never been happier.

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