The Afternoon Dump: Wag Women At Awards Show, No More Stalkers, New Racist Cartoon, Beer Is Awesome, Girls In Thongs, Try A Shorter Roof



Finally back. My lap top charger broke AGAIN, this time it was my fault.

So did anyone else see how awesome the Big Ten was the last two days? First Purdue beats #5 Michigan State by 18. Then Illinois loses by 6 to Penn State (39-36, another low scorer for the Illini) so with these wins it puts Purdue in second place. We still have a chance of winning the conference by beating Michigan State in the last game of the season.

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Afternoon Dump

Some Wag-tastic women at the Brit Awards [Sports Crackle Pop]

The return of a god, well a coach [Steady Burn]

A new program that stops stalkers [C0ed]

After getting beat, she still loves Chris Brown [Celebslam]

This girl is amazing [uncoached]

A new racist children’s cartoon [Holy Taco]

Never let your parents tell you that beer only ruins lives [Tasty Booze]

Have to love girls in thongs [on 205th]

Just skate off of a shorter roof next time [Next Round]

Should never drop the f bomb [Brahsome]

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