Noooooo! Bia And Branca Feres Now Separated As Brazilian Boyfriend Butts In



We weren’t exactly prepared for this news out of Rio.

Bia and Branca Feres (and BC) must now face down the issue of boyfriends getting in the way of their careers and Olympic synchronzied dreams.

That’s right, Branca has been caught frolicking around Rio with her new 26-year-old actor boyfriend named Bruno.

Here is what we know (with very bad translating) about this budding relationship that could very possibly drive a wedge between the Feres twins in their quest do dominate American male minds.

Bruno, also, placed the arm in the waist of the (Branca). At the beginning of the year, rumors of that the two had been (dating)  already were in air.

That’s it. He’s getting some of that. It’s Brazil. They have sex within the first hour of the first date, right?


You know what we’re up against with this Bruno Gagliasso guy.

He’s your typical Brazilian acting legend. That means abs, hair and a body that deserves a beach at least 4-5 hours a day.

This guy dominates TV in Rio. He’s been in such classics as Ciranda de Pedra, Paraíso Tropical and Celebridade. Think American Brody Jenner but with an actual job.

Earlier this year Branca claimed that the relationship was innocent and that she was more interested in swimming.

Something tells us this guy’s abs are playing tricks on her mind.You know the type. Bruno gets away with wearing camo shorts out on a date while us regular idiots would be dumped if we tried to pull this off on a nice Saturday night out.

Just when things between Bia and Branca were hitting stride this idiot had to get in the way.

It’s devastating.


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