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Jacksonville Jaguars' Gerald Sensabaugh A Gun Collector?


Now, before all the gun nuts attack us and rip off our balls, we’ll put this out right away.

Jaguars’ safety Gerald Sensabaugh WAS NOT charged with any sort of gun violation after being pulled over and arrested in Tennessee this week for driving on a suspended license.

That usually means he had permits for these three models found in the Bentley he was driving.

A Jaguars spokesman said the team would have no comment, and coach Jack Del Rio didn’t immediately respond to text messages. Sensabaugh couldn’t be reached for comment.

Good for Gerald. If those guns are legal he shouldn’t have to answer shit as to why he rolls with three extremely deadly weapons that aren’t like carrying, say, a baseball bat.

When you are rich and drive a Bentley in Tennessee these are just the precautions you must take.


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