Daily Dump: If Celebs Took ‘Roids, Top 5 Fictional Movie Coaches, USAirways Pilot To Throw First Pitch, Tailgating Idea For Eco-Pussies, Chicks In Boy Shorts, Wifebeaters And Hottest Rock Star Daughters



Maxim Brazil continues to bring it, introduces us to Deborah.

A-Roid really went out of his way to clear the air.

An unnamed cousin hooked him up with some shit off the streets of the DR. Dude plays that Caribbean card way too much.

He’s about as Caribbean as Big Gay Rich is straight.

When he wants to be white, he’s from Miami and parties in NY with white chicks with huge implants.

When he’s in trouble, it’s time to play the “I no speak English” card.

F@ck him, Johnny Damon and the rest of the idiots who act like it’s no big deal to cheat your way to monster contracts while the rest of the country barely scraps together a few nickles.

Today’s Dump:

If celebrities took steriods [Holy Taco]

While we’re on the subject of fictional – Top 5 movie coaches [Uncoached]

Carrie Underwood wants off that JumboTron – now! [Observation Bubble]

Now that is a kick ass high school bball crowd fight [Friends of the Program]

7 NBA Movies That Stood Out Before All-Star Game [Cuzoogle]

A-Roid fails to win over blogosphere, rest of world [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

US Airways lands high honor after crashing into Hudson – to throw 1st pitch [Big Picture]

Baseball would be so much better if all the freaks were juicing [Ryan Parker]

How to cure NBA money issues – celebrity bailout [Rumors and Rants]

Yet another reason to like Alex Ovechkin – he boozes [TotalProSports]

Tailgating for eco-friendly pussies [Tailgating Ideas]

Top 10 All-Time Funniest Onion Network Videos [Manofest]

Now playing sweeper….#11….Anus [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail:

When chicks rock the boy shorts [Coed]

How about chicks who rock the wifebeater in a tub [SaltyMilk]

11 Hottest Rock Star Daughters [Angry T]

Aubrey busy showing off boobs to people who’ve already seen them [CelebSlam]

Irene working some watermelon in a bikini [CamelTap]

Camilla’s chest perfect just how it is – don’t even think of touching it [Flisted]

A glorious slideshow of Audrina Patridge’s fake boobs [Banned In Hollywood]

Hmmm….Fergie’s body is decent but that face scares us [Don Chavez]

YES! Stacey Dash just woke our asses up with this body [The Daily Fix]

Cindy went big but we’re not about to bitch about it [GorillaMask]

Jim Carrey gave $50 to Jenny? Moron. [MoonDog]

When girls post photos of themselves kissing [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Never grab boob on camera [Next Round]

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