Catching Up With Jenn Sterger: "No, I Don't Have A Sex Tape"



We confess, Jenn Sterger’s RSS Feed isn’t part of our life.

So this stunning news just now made it to our desks.

Jenn doesn’t have a sex tape. Never did. And would like people to quit talking about it.

Hmm, that’s strange, we have a finger on the pulse of all things sports and sex tape and this was the first that we’ve heard of rumors that now we know are absolutely false.


From Feb. 5 blog post out of the Jenn Sterger PR company run by herself:

Clearly, I am a pretty open person and far from being a prude, but I am certainly not a whore either. What goes on behind closed doors should really just stay there. And if it doesn’t?.. Well, maybe you should reassess who you spend your private time with. Those are not the type of guys you share your intimate moments with, let alone document them. They’re no better than the guys from the “Jaegerbombs” video.

So in short, let me state it officially once again: There is NO sex video, there never has been, and there never will be. Case closed Mr. Gil Grissom.

Supposedly there was a running joke on the “Covino and Rich” show about a tape between Rich Davis and Sterger. See, they dated. But it was all a joke and Jenn wants it to stop.

Sometime over the summer of 2008, there was a discussion on the show about people making sex tapes, and in the bit was the joke that Rich and I had made one. And of course, various blogging sites picked up on that. Well, funny thing is, the part of the show where Rich finally admitted that there never was a sex tape and that the whole thing was a bit.

Damn, now we’ll have to move on to more important issues in life like keeping jobs, paying the house payment and figuring out how to score Masters tickets.

Thanks, Jenn. We’ll just have to revert back to the photos and imagine would could have been.

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