Daily Dump: Make Your Own Dwyane Wade Party Pad, View From Yankees Mansion, Sharapova’s Thigh Drops Baggage, Thabeet Gets Arm Yanked, Celebrity Man Pussies And Jessica Simpson Flotation Devices


Candice shows you what 20 and South African looks like in the morning.

Is it really possible that we’re at the point where talk of Michael Vick is back on the table?

Please let him walk out of jail and be 35 pounds overweight.

Sat down for the Pitt-UConn game last night and must say it reminded us of the old days (80s) of the Big East. Pitt walks on a court and you know they’ll punish teams. Being physical could get them in foul trouble down the road but right now this team can dominate you defensively and make things miserable.

Today is the day. A-Roid goes in front of a packed house to say sorry.

And, of course, his teammates are rushing to his side. Let the cliches flow, boys.

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