Lindsey Grubbs Teams With USC Song Girls For Backdoor Pilot Of ‘Hot Girls In Scary Places’



It’s been quite silent on the USC Song Girl front due to it being basketball season and there is a new crop of lovelies who have been on the job for just a few weeks.

It also seems the women (at least three) have been busy working in the reality TV industry while juggling classes, hour-long makeup sesssions, Shopping Saturdays ®, washing the BMW and figuring out which parties Andrew Bynum will attend.

Yes, these ladies can prioritize and somehow a trio led by Busted Coverage legend Lindsey Grubbs (efforting other two names) have penciled in like 2-4 hours to shoot a backdoor pilot of Hot Girls In Scary Places.

Easy, chief, it’s not a college-themed porno. You’ll actually be able to watch this garbage on E!.

The show stars three University of Southern California cheer squad friends challenged to spend the night in a supposedly haunted abandoned hospital for a cash prize of $10,000 (which would pay for maybe half a semester at USC). To get the prize, the trio will have to complete a series of challenges.

Early press leaks indicate the ladies will have to navigate through a cave where instead of stalagmites hanging from the ceiling there will be a maze of dirty, nasty Natty Light Dong Bongs.


The first episode figures to be quite a hairy ordeal as the women are given an East-West map and must figure out a path around the Dong Bong’s without taking a single sip.

The action gets heated when a Dong Bong smacks Lindsey right in the face as the blonde swats her wag through the jungle of Dongs, nearly knocking her out cold but she soldiers on.

The treasure at the end of the journey is an entire room of Pikes, but the edited trailer ends just as the ladies get within hearing distance (at least 1.25 miles) of the techno beats coming from the Che Guevara-poster covered door.

But there is one final battle with one final Dong Bong. It’s what E! is calling the Visanthe Shiancoe Monster Dong Bong.

This battle might be too much for the ladies to handle.

Tune in March 13 to see how this one ends up.

[E! Orders Hot Girls In Scary Places]

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