Jillian McCarney Kicks Police Ass, Knows People Who Get Arrest Charges Dropped



First of all, is that Dan McCarney’s wife in the orange belt?

Lane Kiffin’s baby mama can’t even begin to compete with that fine glass of water.

Now…onto the good stuff. You see that young lady with the arrow to her back. The one wearing the Tebow jersey?

That is Jillian McCarney, daughter of former Iowa State head coach Mr. Dan McCarney who now rolls with the staff at Florida. She got in a little trouble over the weekend with the Iowa City police where she’s a student at Iowa.

That’s just where things get started.


Ms. Jillian in happier times when police weren’t causing her issues.

As the entire state of Iowa is reporting, Jillian chose to get verbal with police and name drop after trying to kick some fuzz ass.

According to police, Jillian McCarney attempted to strike the officer with her left shoulder and kick the officer with her left leg, while continuing to be verbally abusive and threatening violence multiple times.

That was followed by The Queen playing the “My Dad Is Famous” card.

(She) guaranteed all her charges will be ‘dropped’ because her name is ‘McCarney’ and they have ‘a lot of money.

Oh, we just love these type of chicks. Start shit and when it hits the fan, invoke a mafia-type response.

The odds that Jillian will issue an apology are running at about 97%. She’ll say it was the Jello shots talking and not really how she is in ‘real’ life. There will be community service chatter, first-time offender, blah, blah, blah.

What we’d like to know is what the f@ck happened to the Facebook? That damn thing disappeared too quickly.

Any tips you guys would like to drop like photos (of mom by a Florida pool)? Just asking.

[McCarney’s Daughter Faces Multiple Charges]

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