Daily Dump: Clippers Dancer Attracts The Camera, Robbie Alomar’s New Chick, Danielle Lloyd Has A Revealing Book, All-Star WAGs, America Olivo Vs. Jason & Minka Kelly Needs BC


One of the world’s greatest jobs: painting on Brooklyn’s naked body.

Ok, we tried to get as many of you into the Daily Dump as possible.

We now can tell how many of you actually read the post about being sick because there were only about 2-3 who seemed concerned. The rest of you are just link whores using us for traffic.

No problem.

We’ll spend another day rehabbing so if you have something good for a Blog Roundup, send it along.


Today’s Dump:

Clippers dancer Jacqueline shaking it for cameras [Blaze of Love]

Robbie Alomar’s new chick has some serious snow caps [Home Run Derby]

Danielle Lloyd has a book coming out that you need to read [Dirty Tackle]

Billy (G.) and Jeannine now have their very own ditty [Ryan Parker]

LenDale White losing weight? Bullshit. [Bootlegger Sports]

UK soccer studs attack man with their meat [SportsRubbish]

Mexican soccer coaches not exactly warm to U.S. celebrations [World of Issac]

Is A-Roid juicing his scalp? [TotalProSports]

The curse of Big Dick Stockton continues in Chicago [Rumors and Rants]

If chick flicks were made for men [Holy Taco]

If you are into the Snuggie, you might also like the Hug Me Pillow [Next Round]

Today’s Tail:

10 Hottest NBA All-Star Weekend WAGs [Manofest]

America Olivo vs. Jason: Who You Got? [Cuzoogle]

If your wife or girlfriend is 41, this is what she should look like [MoonDog]

Looking for a woman who won’t be sleeping with you tomorrow? Pick one. [Gunaxin]

7 Sexiest Celebrity Stoners [Coed]

Luciana went a tad too big with those boobs [Uncoached]

Minka Kelly needs a little chocolate syrup, BC and no Jeter this weekend [on205th]

Bar’s tight pants outside The Letterman Show [Celebslam]

Kholoe tired of everyone paying attention to The Giant Ass [The Daily Fix]

Into hot D.J.’s? Here is one of the hottest and it’s a female [GorillaMask]

Somehow Jessica Simpson not nearly as fat as just two weeks ago [Flisted]