5 Questions: 2009 St. Pauli Girl Katarina Van Derham Gives Whole Foods Worker A Rise, Wants To Drink With Tommy Lee And Allows Beer Bellies



Every now and then a hot chick will talk with Busted Coverage. This happens to be one of those days, just hours from Valentine’s Day and it feels damn good.

This hot chick is the new face of St. Pauli’s swill and will be lusted after in every single beer store around the world.

The 2009 St. Pauli’s Girl, Katarina Van Derham, is from the woods of Slovakia, speaks five languages, and even works in graphic design for an architectural firm when not representing the beer company.

Oh, did we mention she’s single, likes rockers (you’ll see after the jump) and doesn’t mind a beer belly.

The only thing we forgot to ask is if she’ll accept wedding proposals via email.

5 Questions after the jump.

1. Being a St. Pauli Girl must have some serious benefits. Of course you’ve had encounters with celebrities with this new gig. Who’s been hitting on you, drunken dropping phone numbers, asking you out for beers?

Since it was just announced a few weeks ago, the reaction hasn’t been too crazy yet, although I have had one high-roller offer me unlimited access to his private jet, which I plan to use pretty soon. I also wore my new St. Pauli Girl jacket to Whole Foods in L.A., and one of the workers asked me if I was the new St. Pauli Girl. When I told him I was, he was so excited, telling me he had all the posters from past girls. I took a picture with him, and he was so nervous he was shaking! It was pretty cute, so I told him I’d bring him back an official poster once I receive a few extra copies.


2. Now that you are the face of a beer the parties must be crazy. How many St. Paulis have you enjoyed during a single night? Follow-up question, ever do a St. Pauli’s beer bong?

When I first found out I would be the St. Pauli Girl, I definitely went out with the girls to have a St. Pauli Girl toast! As far as the beer bong, I enjoy my St. Pauli Girl, but I make sure to enjoy it responsibly!


3. Give us your fantasy list of five people you’d like to hang out with on a Saturday night and drink St. Pauli’s. Why?

My dad- He is my hero!  Drinking beers together really bonds you culturally in Slovakia.

Tommy Lee – I like a guy that can party and my good friend Tommy Lee definitely fits that bill.

DJ Ashba – I like my rock and roll guys, and DJ Ashba is a total rock star.

My best friend Raquel – Drinking with the gals is always a blast. Her family is German and knows what an honor it is to be the St. Pauli Girl.

St. Pauli Girl crew – Who better to drink with than the actual folks that work for St. Pauli Girl since they can really keep the beer flowing. It could be fun to get all the former St. Pauli Girl’s together too!


4. Is the St. Pauli’s Girl single Is so, what are you looking for in a boyfriend? Beer bellies allowed?

Yes, I am single! Beer bellies are definitely allowed up to a point. I actually don’t like the super buff guys with too much muscle. Most important to me is chemistry, but a close second would be a guy who can drink that knows how to have a good time!

katrina-st-pauli-girl-35. Do you actually drink this stuff?

Yes of course! I should actually be receiving another shipment of my St. Pauli Girl supply any day now. Just one of the perks of the job!


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[Katarina Van Derham]

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