The Afternoon Dump: Fantasy Camp, Phelps Loses At Pong, Dumb How-To Video, Don’t Try This At Home, Date These Girls, UCLA Hottie

Sarah looks good in Red and White.

Free haircut today, I know you’re jealous.

“Home Improvement” is a good show, I am currently watching it. So of all movies, I watched Wimbledon last night. You can laugh at me if you want, you probably already are.

A-Rod still has 9 years left with the Yankees and 275 million coming to him, should he still get it? First of all, no one should get that much money for playing a sport but secondly he will get it either way.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A nice steak dinner would be awesome at a fantasy camp [Friends of the Program]

Phelps lost at beer pong too [Sports Crackle Pop]

Who is hotter in this commercial? [Tasty Booze]

Why in the world would someone create this “How-To” video? [Holy Taco]

Rihanna’s injuries are pretty serious [Celebslam]

You would have to be really dumb to try this [Coed]

You shouldn’t two time the world [Mac G’s World]

Valentine’s Day blows, so find some of these ladies [Double Viking]

Look at this hot girl from UCLA [College OTR]

Kim puts on some tight clothes [Celebridiot]

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