The Afternoon Dump: Keyless Shotgun, Indiana Going Down Hill, Baby Spice Grown Up, Maybe It’s Really For Guys, America At It’s Proudest, Chris Brown In Jail


My eyes are on the beer.

Wow, Purdue did horrible this weekend against Illinois.

I don’t care about A-Rod and his juice. More than half of sports figure probably juice, and yes that means Tom Brady too.

Kobe beat Lebron, NBA fans were probably happy.

House is on tonight, I know your excited. This guy is.

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Afternoon Dump

This invention saves the mess from the key going into the can [Tailgating Ideas]

Indiana is known for its basketball but isn’t even in the top ten [Vent About Sports]

Donnie is back, but in a different sport [Sports Crackle Pop]

Baby Spice isn’t really a baby any more [Head of Fred]

Strip Tease Valentines Day card generator [Ask Men & JibJab]

Amazon put out another product [Co-Ed Magazine]

A new blog from Chris Illuminati [GadJunk]

A magazine aimed at women seems to have pictures that guys would like [on 205th]

When America is watching. . . [Tasty Booze]

Well these are some interesting police reports [Holy Taco]

7 signs you shouldn’t find funny, but you probably do [Next Round]

Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, seriously [Celebslam]

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